Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Terms of Use & Privacy Policy


Kobe Pearl USA, Inc. is sensitive about our customer’s privacy and therefore is careful of how your information is shared and used, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully. By visiting this website and making purchases through this website you are agreeing to our privacy policy as laid out below: Types of information we gather: We receive your information that you submit to us via online. We receive automatic information whenever anyone interacts with this website. Sharing information: Customer information is an important part of our business, and we are not in the business of selling it to others. Any information given to us will be kept in strict confidentiality. All employees of Kobe Pearl USA, Inc. sign a strict Privacy Policy and Confidentiality Agreement regarding any and all Customer information. Conditions of Use, Notices, and Revisions: When you visit Kobe Pearl USA, Inc.’s website, any dispute over privacy is subject to this Notice. If you have any concerns about privacy, please CONTACT US with your concerns and we will try to resolve it.

Shipping Times & Rates


Currently, we are only able to accept online orders to shipping addresses within the United States and do not ship internationally. To ensure the secure delivery of your order, KOBE HA INC. does not ship orders to P.O boxes. KOBE HA INC. is able to accept post office box addresses for your billing needs.
For each address within the United States, the following charges apply: 
Ground shipping: $0.00. Please allow 4-5 business days. 
Items ordered together may not always ship together. If your order requires more than one shipment, you will only be charged one shipping fee. 

Next-day delivery: $36 with signature confirmation. Orders placed before 12:00 PM PST Monday through Friday will be delivered on the following day, including Saturdays where Saturday delivery service is available. Sunday and holiday delivery are not available. Next-day delivery is not offered for custom design order or engraved items.

• The price of the merchandise must meet the required amount in order to receive complimentary shipping. 
• Sales tax & engraving fees do not count toward the total amount. 
• Multiple items totaling the required amount will not receive free shipping if sent to multiple addresses.
• Complimentary shipping is only available for orders placed on the U.S. Website for domestic delivery.

Return Policy

General Return Policy Kobe HA, Inc. has a STRICT NO RETURN POLICY. If the product has any defects, we will provide repair service or exchange within seven (7) days of the product shipment arrival date. IN ORDER FOR REPAIRS TO BE MADE THE ORIGINAL INVOICE MUST BE KEPT AND SHOWN. Please contact us with EMAIL directly to see if you are eligible for repair service or exchange. Returns of KOBE HA Inc products that are not in compliance with the conditions and timeframes set forth below may be rejected by KOBE HA Inc and will be sent back to the Customer or Gift Recipient, as the case may be.


KOBE HA Inc allows the Customer or Gift Recipient to return products purchased on the Platform or directly by phone through Customer Service within seven (7) days following delivery, but subject to the further terms and conditions set forth below.


EMAIL to customer service request a Return Authorization Number (RAN). This number is required prior to returning any product originally purchased from the Online Shop by Internet or by phone with the Customer Service to KOBE HA inc. 


1) Customer must pay for the return shipping cost; 2) All products must be new and unused; 3) There will be no exchange if damages on product and product's tag, sticker, case, invoices, etc. on returns; and 4) Please allow a processing time of two weeks for exchanges. Kobe HA, Inc. reserves the right to modify its exchange and return policy. Exchange Policy If you would like to exchange your item due to receipt of a faulty item please CONTACT US within seven (7) days of the product shipment arrival date. If eligible for exchange, the new product will be shipped to you upon receipt of the previous product. 



KOBE HA, Inc.의 상품은 단순 변심에 의한 반환(money back/return), 교환(exchange)을 할수 없습니다.  상품 구매에 신중을 기하여 주시길 바랍니다. 고객님의 변심(충동구매)에 의한 상품은 반환하지 않습니다. 또한 상품에 하자가 있을 경우에는 상품을 배송 받은 후 7일안에 A/S 및 교환(exchange)만 가능합니다. IN ORDER FOR REPAIRS TO BE MADE THE ORIGINAL INVOICE MUST BE KEPT AND SHOWN. 1) 반송 배송비는 고객님 부담입니다. 2) 상품을 미사용한 상태에서 배송하여 주십시요. 3) 모든 상품의 태그, 케이스, 인보이스 등을 훼손 및 멸실한 경우에는 교환이 절대 불가합니다. 4) 교환 Processing time은 2-3주 입니다.Kobe HA , Inc. reserves the right to modify its exchange and return policy.